Displaying Artwork and Wall Decor – 5 Ways to Add Color and Personality to Your Home

Adding artwork and wall decor to their homes is often a challenge to many people. Displaying artwork in your home is a wonderful way to add color and personality to your home. While most people can place a sofa and loveseat or a dining table and chairs, it’s the vertical surfaces that seem to be the greatest challenge. In 25 years of doing interior design work, I’ve seen and heard just about every problem that people encounter in placing art on their walls. Here are some pointers for making your home the place you most want to be by filling it with your passions and your personality.1. Don’t wait to find the perfect piece of art. You may look forever, and there will never be anything on your walls. When you find something that makes you smile, buy it and find a spot for it in your home. It will bring you joy until you find something you like better. If you have photographs that you’ve taken that you love, enlarge them, frame them, and find a place for them in your home.2. Artwork needs to relate to the wall on which it’s hung in size and scale. Don’t hang a small piece in the middle of a large wall. It will look lost. As a rule of thumb, place your artwork no more than 6 to 12 inches above a sofa, buffet, mantel, headboard, or other large piece of furniture. The art will be anchored by the furniture and will create a pleasant feeling.3. Place small pieces of artwork on small walls. Narrow walls are great for those small pieces that look lost on a large wall. For more impact, place 2 pieces vertically, one above the other. Small pieces can also be placed in a grouping. When creating a grouping, the pieces must relate to each other in subject or color and must be balanced. Use newspaper to cut out patterns the sizes of your art and place them on the floor. Move them around until you’re happy with the grouping. Then tape the patterns to the wall before proceeding to hang your art.4. On very large walls, like hallways, you may create groupings or use large pieces, and space them along the wall. It’s great to place art opposite doorways, because you see the art as you leave a room. The end of a hallway is also a great place to hang art.5. Hang your artwork at eye level. This is the biggest mistake that people make. They almost always hang it too high. Five feet is a good rule of thumb for the average eye level. Place the piece so that the top third is above five feet and the bottom two-thirds is below.

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